Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In A World With Apple - The Trillion Dollar Company.

No matter how technologically advanced we might be today, we might be connected to people all across the world through the magic of social media. We might get news on the go, we might send emails from phones and tablets, yet we, or at least I can't stop wondering what it might be to grow up in the times of Henry Ford or Thomas Edison. What might a world without cars and electricity be?
We feel incredibly lucky to live in "The 21st Century." But people in the 19th century would also feel how incredibly advanced and developed they were, while we, sitting in the 21st century laugh at them for being weirdly backward and not having access to smartphones. People 3 centuries from now may sit and laugh at us for being so excited about smartphones and tablets and think how incredibly backward we were.
However we have an amazing story to tell our kids and grandkids, we can tell them that we grew up in the times of Steve Jobs and Apple. We can also tell them that we grew up in times of Blackberry if we want to tell them horror stories before bed time. The Apple story however, is a story that has reserved it's space in legend. In 1997, the company was on the floor, it was a quarter away from bankruptcy, which is when Steve Jobs returned and scripted what is quite simply the greatest comeback in American corporate history. Because as we know it today, Apple is the largest company, IN THE WORLD! 
Apple's net worth is at a staggering five hundred and fifty billion dollars. It's share price is touching 600 dollars. That means it's cheaper to buy an iPad than a single Apple share. All of these numbers make for a very interesting reading.
Here I go, Apple's net worth makes it larger than the ENTIRE United States retail sector. More than the combined GDPs of Iraq, North Korea, Vietnam, Puerto Rico and New Zealand. Bigger than the worldwide illegal drug trade, and that's a massive number.
Apple is larger than Google and Microsoft COMBINED! If Apple only sells Mac computers and laptops and stops selling iPhones, iPads and iPods, it'll still be the 22nd largest company in the world! It's worth approximately 608 million iPads! Worth more than 300 space shuttle endeavors! More than five hundred and twenty six NFL teams. It's finally worth more than Exxon, the world's former most valuable company. 
Apple has more cash reserves than the United States government. This one point alone is a story worth a space in the books of legends. 
But there is, as Steve Jobs would say, "One more thing...."
Apple is worth more than 31 Mark Zuckerbergs and 8 Bill Gates combined! Who feels like the richest man in the world now? 
If the company keeps growing, which I believe it will, we may soon have the world's first ever trillion dollar company and it'll be called, "Apple." From a $3 share in 1997, to a $600 share in 2012. From bankruptcy in 1997 to $550 billion dollars in 2012. This is a story that will be told and re-told and re-told for centuries to come, and I couldn't be more excited to have lived in these times.