Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dell Blogathon - One Of A Kind

15 years ago blogging was a concept unheard of. Rewind another 15 years, and the only way to interact with the world and get your views across was through writing a book. A surprisingly tiny number of people are skilled enough to write a book though.
Lets rewind another 15 years, if you had a hobby, which was rather unconventional, for example, doing weird things to animals, you had to travel across cities or even countries at times to meet somebody who had a hobby like you did.
Fast forward to 2006, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging. In short, a social media explosion. All of a sudden you had thousands of people across the world, who like you, were passionate about doing weird things to animals, or whatever it is that you like. And ALL of you could connect with just a click.
Fast forward another six years to today, 2012. There are stores all over the world which have the tag line, "All cars under one roof." Well the Dell Blogathon (#dellblogathon) was an "All bloggers under one roof" event. Everything from tech bloggers, food bloggers, poetry, social issues to fashion, photography and psychological illusions. Never seen an event like this one before, though I have a feeling I'm going to be seeing an awful lot of them in the foreseeable future.
Talking about the event, it started of with talks by people from Dell, and Belkin, no surprises there, as sponsors of the event, this was expected. After that came probably the most awesome part about the event. Free food. Free booze. And the people there were reportedly saying, "Hey, we blog for a living, we'll eat anything as long as it's free." Weirdly, I couldn't help thinking that if one of us was the CEO of some amazing company, we'll still hog if it was free.
After that came a little performance by yours truly which as always I'm not going to describe keeping in mind that there are people who haven't seen me perform and I wouldn't want to spoil it for them. My page for those of you who saw me there.
I was followed up by Abhishek Baxi, who DESIGNED HIS WHOLE WEDDING ON AN APP CALLED EVERNOTE! Insane, isn't it? 
If you think this was insane, wait for more. Abhishek was followed by a guy, Uncle Andy, who casually got up on stage and mimicked 18 different accents. Scottish, Welsh, Brit, American, Arabian, Irish, Japanese, West Indian. You name it, and the guy did it. 
And now the real reason for me doing a review of an event, I've never ever written a blog which isn't even remotely related to magic, but I just felt that I had to this time around. Why? Because the lovely team that organized the event helped get #dellblogathon trending on Twitter. And for a while there, I was trending on Twitter too here in New Delhi. Only the second time that's happened to me. And I got to tell you, it feels pretty great.
Seeing the fact that it was the inaugural event and it got trending on twitter, that alone speaks volumes of the event.
I think it's safe to say that the times when we had to travel across the world to meet someone who has the same passion as us are way behind us.