Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Karan Singh Magic: "Saltus": Preview

Before I start, I must have the smuggest of smiles on my face and say I am India's first ever publicized Psychological Illusionist and my show is India's first ever one man mind reading show. First ever. You have a chance to be a part of history, that alone is reason enough to come for it.
Alright, I'll keep the smugness and self obsession aside and move on to my "endorsements" or what people have said about me which I swear on the life of my unborn children that I'm not making up.
"I have absolutely no idea how you did that" - Derren Brown (The world's leading Psychological Illusionist)
"This guy is scary." - Rajiv Makhni (India's leading tech reviewer, Cannes film festival red carpet walker)
"Read my mind like a book" - Farhan Akhtar (Actor, director, musician, singer)
For more such charming one liners you should really watch the video below, trust me, it's probably one of the most amazing videos about me, and I have a video reading Derren Brown's mind so THAT is saying something.
So the one question that I'm getting asked more than any other by journalists and other people alike is, "What is the show about?" People my age say, "Oh what do we look like? 2? We don't want to attend a magic show!" Younger people say, "Magic? What do we look like, 2 year olds?" People older to me say, "You think we're two?" And two year olds, well year olds don't really say much except for "Mom" and "Pee."
So for those of you asking and for those of you who care, it is as my dirty PR tactic highlights, "India's first ever one man mind reading show" And trust me, no two year olds would even be allowed to sit in the auditorium. What is going to happen? I can't tell you that. It's like a thriller movie, only if I hadn't told you that, you wouldn't have known that it's a thriller. It starts out as what looks like a fun filled evening and hopefully moves on to become slightly darker and murkier and every thing that I did in the show sort of comes together in the end to fill the purpose of a very weird thriller movie.
And this time it's not a dirty PR tactic but the ending blew me away, it is quite simply THE best show that I've ever come up with, and I've done over a 100 performances in the last year or so with more unbelievably sweet standing ovations than I can remember. And this show, tops them ALL.
Be there, book your tickets by clicking on this and if you dont like the show once you've seen it, you're all invited to murder me and bury me in front of the KFC in Greater Kailash in New Delhi the following day. If you have to kill me, I might as well be buried opposite a place I spent half my life in.