Friday, July 27, 2012

Being Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

I have a very weird feeling most of you who end up reading this blog are going to go back to Facebook or Twitter thinking, "Why so serious?" 
Every now and then, something comes along that appeals to my weird little brain and ends up fascinating me so much that I wind up doing something so important like writing a blog post on it, which about 20% of my Facebook list and twitter list read (not counting the random strangers who come onto the blog without knowing how or why they got there).
Off late thanks to the usual craziness of Mr. Christopher Nolan and the insane musical genius of Mr. Hans Zimmer has got me hooked onto everything Batman. We all love superheroes, the obvious exception being Abhishek Bachchan's genius Drona. More than that we all love super hero movies, but there are two dialogues of Nolan's Batman trilogy that really caught my attention.
The first one is from The Dark Knight:
 "I'm like a dog chasing cars. I want it, but I dont know what I'll do with one if I actually catch it."
We're all dogs. We all want something more. None of us, even the most successful of us are satisfied with what we have. Which sort of raises the question? What do we do when we actually achieve what we wanted? We dont know what to do with it, we keep it aside and start chasing the next car to achieve that something more. And the cycle goes on and on and on.
And with the hope that I haven't made The Batman dull and boring, the second dialogue from the trilogy that caught my attention is from Batman Begins:
"It's not who we are within, but what we do that defines us."
All of us have three different faces in life. One that we show to our parents, one that we show to the world and one that we take with us when we die. No one, not your parents, not your friends, not your partner or anyone closest to you knows the real you. No one know you better than you do.
Quite like The Batman and Bruce Wayne all of us have a split personality, we all present ourselves differently in front of different people. To our parents, we're the good kids who need a lot of time shut up in their rooms listening to songs or playing PS. To the world, we're intelligent people who can be (in our heads) quite charming and likable. To our closest of friends, we still have a child like glow to us, we still want to play kiddish games and want to love and be loved by other people and aren't afraid of acting stupid. But deep down, everyone, even the most selfless of souls, deep down, all of us are selfish. All of us want good things to happen to us before they happen to others, all of us want each of us to prospere and achieve more than any of us around us, which is primarily the reason we put on a facade of being someone else in front of the whole world.
This also sort of gives rise to an old cliched statement, "We never get a second chance to make a first impression. Which is why I think I like The Batman so much."
And for those of you haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises do yourselves and the world a huge favor, save yourselves the embarrassment and go watch it. If you still dont, as Christopher Nolan would say, "You have my permission to die."