Monday, October 29, 2012

An Open Letter to Sir Alex Ferguson

"It's a disgrace. It's a disgrace. It's a fucking disgrace." - Didier Drogba
Dear, "Sir" Alex Ferguson,
You're an amazing man. For 26 years you've been at the top of one of the most supported clubs in the world. And you've done an amazing job. I mean you came in at a time when Liverpool were giants, GIANTS of not just English but European football. You came to ManUnited and ended that run of Liverpool. ManUnited are the team to fear, they've been the Red Ferocious Devils for the last 26 years, unbeatable, insane fighting spirit, brilliant superstar players, excellent management.
I mean, it's not easy is it? Managing egos like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Roy Keane and the list goes on and on and on. Imagine the pressure you might have had dealing with those men. Maybe that's why each and every one of them ended up "arguing" with you and "agreed" to leave United. Agreed with whom?
You're so respected in England and across the world that the referees, the impartial bodies seem to have a soft spot for your team too. Either that or the fact that if something goes against your team when they are refereeing, they don't get to manage your team for years on end. In some cases, the poor chaps end up resigning from the beautiful game all together. Not to forget the legendary stories of some of the referees who manage one game, your Red Divers.. sorry Devils, end up losing and the ref doesn't get a single United game for a year. Then he gets one and surprisingly all the decisions go your way.
Suspect One: Chris Foy, oversaw Liverpool beating ManU 3-1. Didn't get a game for a year and a half. Got the Manchester derby, two penalties for United and a sending off for Vincent Kompany.
Suspect Two: Phil Dowd, oversaw a United loss. The very next game, gave them a penalty against Blackburn. A 1-1 draw and the 19th Premier League Title.
Suspect Three: Mike Jones. Falsely awarded a penalty to Demba Ba against United. The next time he refereed a United game, three penalties against Stoke out of which two got converted.
The list goes on and on and on, I'm sure you have drinks and dinner dates with Halsey, Atkinson, Wiley, Oliver and the world knows you're on the verge of adopting Howard Webb. If you haven't already that is.
Alex my man, I'm sure you get pissed off with all these comments that stupid people such as myself keep making but then you have this wonderful old man, David Gill whose your CEO, who for some reason is the vice chairman of the FA. He pretty much has power over the man who decides referees for every game in the country. Oh and who is the man who decides the referees? Your boy Riley. The man who was accused of being a United fan all his refereeing career, not by fans, but by managers David Moyes, Rafa Benitez. 
Fergie, bro, I'm sure the queen knighting you has made you slightly more powerful, and I'm sure if Evans was to trip you the way he tripped Torres, you would stay on your feet and run for the closest referee. Because like you said, obviously, in your day, you wouldn't have tripped on a tackle like that. Knights do have insane amount of power eh? And in England, the powerful help the powerful.
I have nothing against you Alex, but why do managers like Rafa Benitez, Andre Villas Boas, Jose Mourinho become laughing stalk in the press when they accuse of something which isn't football happening? But when you go against mangers, you're a master at playing with people's heads?
Why is it that all the referees who made wrong decisions in various matches officiating subsequent Premier League games and the ones who made right decisions against you officiating league two and league three games?
Fergie bro, I'm sure keeping a club on the top for 26 years isn't an easy task. Winning so many titles isn't an easy task. Keeping up with the pressure isn't an easy task, especially for a gum chewing heart disease struck knight like you. I mean the English fans are brutal, especially on an "old, defenceless (like his team) man." But seriously, there's a beautiful game we love to watch, please let us watch it, if we loved watching corruption and drama, we would watch the Indian Parliament in session.

Loads and loads of love,
A lover of the beautiful game.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Remembering The Man - Steve Jobs

There's going to come a day when we've all grown up, had a career, maybe got married and had kids, when we're all going about our daily routine. Maybe you're driving to work with the car radio on, or you're making dinner with the tv on in the lounge. Life as usual, and then we hear a name. It's the name of the person you had a blog dedicated to when you were 16. The person you had posters of up on your bedroom wall, or as your desktop background. The person of that show you used to watch every week, as soon as it came out, or that band you used to love. The person from the cast of a movie that changed your life, or the character who you scrolled through page after page of google search results of. You haven't heard that name in a long time, and it brings everything back. And then the name is followed by three words you thought you'd never hear. Has Passed Away. And then you put down the potato peeler and lean back against your kitchen bench, or you pull over to the side of the road, and tears are streaming down your face. And all over the world, there are people who used to be just like you, with tears marking their cheeks and sobs forcing their way out of their throat, because they remember. They remember and realize the volume of what has happened. Because all they can do is remember.
And as we remember, one year on, Apple has changed. It's had it's up and downs but the man's legacy lives on in his company. In one year, Apple has been the fastest growing company in the history of the world. It's share has grown 78% in just one year. It's worth 620 billion dollars as of today. That's more than Microsoft and Google (Apple's biggest competitors) combined. The iPhone 5, while it may have a couple of downsides is the fastest selling smartphone on the planet. All because of one man's vision. All because of Steve Jobs.
On this date, one year ago, my father woke me up and said, "Steve Jobs has passed away." Lying there in my bed, I didn't know how to react. 
All of my teenage had been spent watching Steve Jobs' keynote adresses, watching his product launches, interviews, documentaries, reading books, articles and stories about the man and all of it was gone. In just three words.
What had been a major focus of my teenage life was gone with it. In just three words.
What had not just changed my life, but the life of billions of other people around the world was gone. In just three words. 
"Has Passed Away."
The three words that I knew I was going to hear one day or the other, but didn't know what was going to happen when I actually did. The three words that in a very dramatic way, changed my life for the better because I realised that at the end of the day, it doesn't matter who we are, or what we do, what matters is our work. What matters is that we're here, in Steve's words, "We're here to put a dent in the universe." Because at the end of the day, what remains is that dent, and our legacy. And boy does his legacy live on. 
35% of the people who read my blog read it through an iOS device, 19% read it through android. And since Android just copied iOS, it's safe to say over 50% of the people reading just my blog read it through a device he helped built. And that's not counting Macs and the Safari browser for windows.
Steve Jobs once said, "I want to build a company like Hewlett Packard. So that even after both Hewlett and Packard are dead, their company lives on." Well Steve, you succeeded. Thank you. Thank you for giving us visions that changed the world because you were crazy enough to think that you could change it. Thank you Steve, thank you for everything, you're missed.