Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Did You Miss Me? Of Sherlock Theories and More

"That's the big question innit? Stayin' alive!" - Jim Moriarty 
This post contains spoilers. So in case you haven't seen the latest season of Sherlock, please do go back to xvideos or youporn or whatever it is that you kids entertain yourself with these days. I recommend yourporn, just saying.
This is the first post I've written in over four months, so I must start of with hacking into every computer screen in the country with a meme like picture of me with a robotic voice saying, "Did you miss me?" Of course you didn't.
And if any of you haven't been living under a rock ever since the year started, you would have seen Season 3 of Sherlock and would surely have had the feeling of your brain running a marathon. Because let's face it Sherlock is easily the best thing to have ever been on television. Yes Game of Thrones, not you, Sherlock. And um Breaking Bad, I love you, but every time Los Pollos Hermanos is mentioned I get a serious craving of KFC, and I like to enjoy my television shows without wanting American fast food.
Stephen Moffat is perhaps the greatest story teller of our generation. And after the fandom had spent two excruciatingly long years trying to figure out how Sherlock Holmes faked his death, they come out with another three episode season where they have multiple explanations, leaving it open to interpretation of the audiences (probably not to disappoint the several theorists floating for years) AND without really giving a proper explanation they leave us with another cliffhanger. James Moriarty is alive. I mean really, did anyone actually die on that rooftop?
So here a couple of theories I could come up with on how Moriarty faked(?) his death.
Blank bullets, and tomato ketchup on the back of his head which is spilt on the floor of the roof as he falls. Er no.
Number one, as bollywoodish and Abbas Mustanish as this sounds, Jim Moriarty has a twin. A twin whose a children's tv actor, a twin who has these tv shows on dvd, a twin by the name of Richard Brook. Rewind to the first season, final episode. Sherlock and Moriarty on the pool side, Moriarty is everywhere, going out of one door saying he isn't going to kill Watson or Sherlock, comes back from another door shouting out a clue to us, "I'm sooooooooo changeable." Is it to be taken literally? So changeable that it's an entirely different person? Jim Moriarty or Richard Brook is dead. Jim Moriarty or Richard Brook is alive. Depending on whichever one of the brothers was on that roof and had a bullet going through his head.
Way too farfetched for some of you? Well, I see what you mean. This next one though is what I'm slightly more inclined towards, though it does disappoint me a bit.
Andrew Scott, the man who plays Moriarty is a fabulous actor. One I'd love to have back on the show. BUT, there is a possibility he actually is, dead. Let me explain. Charles Augustus Magnussen says to Sherlock towards the end of the episode, "Your brother is probably the most powerful man in Britain. Well except me." But Mr. Magnussen is dead (I really hope he is). Leaving Mycroft Holmes (Yes Janine, people actually call him that), as the most powerful man in Britain. As Magnussen said, Mycroft's pressure point is his little brother, Sherlock. If Sherlock goes into his "exile" to Eastern Europe, he would almost certainly die. Which would break dear Mycroft's heart. So the most powerful man in her majesty's land shows the most audacious criminal master mind the world has ever seen on every television across the country, knowing that it would bring his dear brother back from exile and save his almost certain death. 
There now, that's a possibility in a nutshell, or it's probably Stephen Moffat wanting us to think that, I don't know, the directors have got my mind running. So much so that I've come up with a method to have a mind palace of your own, which I might be willing to share with some of you, if you'd be sweet enough to drop a message on my Facebook page.
All said and done, till the next season comes about, our minds will be buzzing. You're such a tease Sherlock. Such a tease. Alright, of with all of you to watch the series again, because that's what I'm about to do.
                                                      *roll credits* *interrupt*

Er, not quite the cliffhanger for the next post. So think over this, Sherlock and Mycroft have a brother. Which a lot of people have delightfully missed. "The other one." Bye bye now.